Certified Education

On-site Presentations


  1. ) Understanding What Creates Ideal Ball Flight...

    Become A Better Instructor

  2. ) What You Need to Know About Your Golf Clubs...

    Fitting Beyond the Fitting Cart

  3. ) Understanding Putting Metrics & Putter Fitting...

    Become a Better Putting Instructor

  4. ) Repair & Alterations for Modern Clubs...

    Add A New Profit Center to Your Operation

Workshops are conducted using self-contained mobile class room for presentations and Mobile Club Repair Cart for demonstrations. Club facilities can also be used for larger groups. One PGA MSR credit per hour. Attendees receive personalized certificate of attendance

  • David La Pour
    I just wanted to thank you for your time and knowledge last week. You were great and if you ever need a reference or want to play golf, just let me know.
    David La Pour
    Colleton River Club
  • michael wood saucon valley country club
    Thank you! What a great educational program. It was a pleasure to meet you and Gwen. Charlie and I will figure out another time for you to visit again.
    Mike Wood
    Saucon Valley Country Club
  • Jack McHugh
    My name is Jack McHugh and I am an intern at Saucon Valley. I just wanted to personally email you and thank you again for the incredibly beneficial clinics you and Gwen gifted us. I can honestly say you opened my eyes to a huge part of the industry I previously knew so little about. It is truly motivational to see you and Gwen still doing such big things in our industry and I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet the both of you.
    Jack McHugh
    Saucon Valley Country Club
  • Ross Holtsclaw
    Thank you so much for presenting to the team at Saucon Valley! I cannot express how much I learned, and as a result, will be much more attentive, understanding, and capable with helping the SVCC membership. Many of the points you discussed I had never heard of or hadn't realized they play such a BIG role when teaching/fitting golf. Once again, thank you for the fantastic presentation, and we all hope to see you both back at Saucon very soon.
    Ross Holtsclaw
    Saucon Valley Country Club
  • Chris Duckett
    I want to personally thank you and Gwen for conducting your golf clinics. All the information that was presented was very helpful and can only help us be better golf professionals. We are very fortunate to have people like you in the golf world. I am looking forward to you returning for another clinic and gaining more knowledge in the club fitting/repair area. Thank you again for everything.
    Chris Duckett
    Saucon Valley Country Club
  • Gregory W. Wingate
    We had a ton of fun and learned a lot! Very eye opening and a very well-done presentation. Kudos to you and Gwen for such a great class!
    Gregory W. Wingate
    Merion Golf Club
  • Brandon Klakowicz
    This is Awesome! Thank you again for taking a look at my sticks and for going over the results afterwards. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to help educate a young pro like myself.
    Brandon Klakowicz
    Head Golf Professional - The Union League Golf Club at Torresdale
  • sean palmer the union league of Philadelphia
    Thank you for your wonderful clinic and expert insight to help educate our team. I left really thinking about what you had said, and how we can change what we do to master our craft as golf professionals. I played golf with Scott Nye yesterday and we discussed your clinic at length, which is great to provoke thought on how we can be better professionals.
    Sean Palmer
    Director of Golf - The Union League of Philadelphia
  • Brian McShalley
    Thank you for providing such a great opportunity at Merion. Being exposed to your unique insight and research was certainly a highlight of my summer. Your passion for the game is inspiring and will definitely be something I take with me as I begin my golf career. Thank you for all you do.
    Brian McShalley
    Intern, Union League Golf Club at Torresdale
  • All golf professionals and their staff would benefit from having Ed Mitchell visit their Club. Ed’s clinics provide an intimate learning experience with hands on training from our game’s leader in club fitting. The clinics emphasize group interaction and promote a quality learning environment. I highly recommend Ed’s “Understanding What Creates Ideal Ball Flight” clinic. This clinic was an eye opener for our team and has changed our overall approach to the club fitting process.
    Anthony J. Malizia III
    Golf Professional Bidermann Golf Course
  • “A Half-Century PGA Member, Ed Mitchell, is of the most elite golf professionals in the country. His passion for the game, its equipment and the profession are unparalleled. Ed’s “Club/Facts” educational programs are second to none. Aspiring and experienced golf professionals alike must find the time to schedule a program with Ed – the content is phenomenal and the experience is inspirational!”
    Charlie Schuyler
    Director of Golf - Saucon Valley Country Club
  • "Ed Mitchell’s comprehensive equipment report allowed us to pinpoint exact areas of improvement for our student-athletes. With their equipment perfected, the players had full confidence in the performance of every club in their bag. This level of detail led us to our best finish in the Big Ten Men’s Golf Championship since 2008 and improved by 20 spots in our national ranking. This is the next competitive advantage in collegiate golf."
    Casey Lubahn
    Head Men’s Golf Coach - Michigan State University

All successful business people know that continuing education is key to keeping up with business trends. More importantly keeping employees up to par with these trends is paramount for continued growth of one’s business.

Golf professionals continue to mentor their staff who move on to other positions thus perpetuating the growth of our game and business. This process is for the good of our business and continued health of the game. With your staff evolving you have a need for continuing education.

But with the busy schedules golf professionals confront each day they have little time for special training of their staff members. It’s important that the mentoring does not become a lost art.

Ed Mitchell, PGA offers a solution. With over 50 years of golf experience as a club professional, inventor and manufacturer of club performance and repair machines and tools and for more than 20 years developed and conducted certified training programs in club building, repair and fitting he now conducts Certified Education Workshops.

Knowing how busy you are with no time to travel, Ed actually visits your facility accompanied with his specially built custom van classroom and mobile club repair cart. The workshops are conducted without any intrusion or interference in your daily operation. It’s just a matter of scheduling your staff.

Get your staff on the right footing this year. Schedule a series of workshops now. Contact Ed Mitchell 517-917-6220, ed@edmitchelltech.com.