College Golf Teams

A Unique One of a Kind
Player Analysis Based on Performance Data

Confidential Equipment, Swing Video, Launch Monitor Club & Ball Data, Putter Performance Data and Playing Stats Analysis for College Golf Teams

SwingFit ADA

This comprehensive analysis is now available to college golf coaches to collectively improve their team’s overall scoring performance.

Data is collected without discussion with each individual player. Evaluation forms are prepared noting influences of 10-Static Club Performance Specifications, Club & Ball pre and post Impact Launch Monitor Data of the 5-Ball Flight Laws and the Art of the 14-Swing Principles on ball flight plus Putter Performance Data.

The core of this program is designed to give college golf team players the same equipment performance evaluation as tour professionals receive. Golf equipment is the catalyst for ideal ball flight. By identifying and taking poor performing equipment out of the equation, each player can focus on swing principle improvements and course strategy with confidence in their shot making.

What the Coach Gets

A written analysis presented in a binder that is reviewed in detail with coaching staff noting the equipment influences on the players swing principles. Any recommendations and guidance made in the analysis for any course of action to be considered rests solely at the discretion of the coaches.

Fees: Contact Ed Mitchell for cost of a custom evaluation program.

Onsite Follow-Up Club Retrofitting is Available.

SwingFit ADA includes the following reports:

Case Study

Michigan State University Men’s Golf Team Implements SwingFit Data Analysis Program
"Ed Mitchell’s comprehensive equipment report allowed us to pinpoint exact areas of improvement for our student-athletes. With their equipment perfected, the players had full confidence in the performance of every club in their bag. This level of detail led us to our best finish in the Big Ten Men’s Golf Championship since 2008 and improved by 20 spots in our national ranking. This is the next competitive advantage in collegiate golf."