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Golf Fore You Golf Clinics

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We live in a digital world of 24/7 news and constant communication. Gone are the days when you could schedule your daily activity without outside interference. Because we live in a world of data and more data, it is often hard to decipher what is important to you.

This holds true with your golf game. We are constantly bombarded with data about new golf equipment, about new swing theories and golf balls that go farther (hopefully straighter). How can you determine science from fiction (marketing)?

Ed Mitchell, PGA offers a solution. With over 50 years of golf experience as a club professional, inventor and manufacturer of club performance and repair machines and tools and for more than 20 years developed and conducted certified training programs in club building, repair and fitting he now conducts Golf Fore You Golf Clinics.

These clinics are designed to inform the everyday golfer about golf club and ball performance and when the two collide as a result of your golf swing, what form of ball flight is created. Is it ideal, Is it a hook or slice, too low or too high? Ball flight is a direct result of the club head colliding with the golf ball. Your job is to have the club head in the right position at that moment of impact.

Ed actually visits your facility and conducts a power point presentation with demonstrations using state of the art equipment. Contact Ed Mitchell 517-917-6220, for fees and scheduling.

Golf Fore You Golf Clinics

  1. ) Understanding What Creates Ideal Ball Flight...
    2 Hours - PowerPoint + Q&A
  2. Ball flight laws, science & art related to swing principles

  3. ) Learn How Putter Performance Data Can Improve Your Strokes...
    2 Hours - PowerPoint + Demonstration + Q&A
  4. Learn about putter metrics, skid & roll, head & hosel styles

  5. ) Are The Performance Specifications of Your Clubs Helping Your Swing...
    2 Hours - PowerPoint + Demonstration + Q&A
  6. Learn the 10-Static Club Performance numbers and why a matched set of clubs will lower your scores

  7. ) Do Your Golf Club Angles Fit You...
    2 Hours - PowerPoint + Demonstration + Q&A
  8. Irons, Metal Woods, Hybrids, Putter

  9. ) Learn What Launch Monitor Data Says About Your Swing & Your Clubs...
    2 Hours - PowerPoint + Demonstration + Q&A
  10. Understanding ball flight data