Golf Clinics

Golf Clinics for Golf Professionals

On-site PowerPoint Presentations
and Demonstrations

All successful business people know that continuing education is key to keeping up with business trends. More importantly keeping employees up to par with these trends is paramount for continued growth of one’s business.

Golf professionals continue to mentor their staff who move on to other positions thus perpetuating the growth of our game and business. This process is for the good of our business and continued health of the game. With your staff evolving you have a need for continuing education.

But with the busy schedules golf professionals confront each day they have little time for special training of their staff members. It’s important that the mentoring does not become a lost art.

Ed Mitchell, PGA offers a solution. With over 50 years of golf experience as a club professional, inventor and manufacturer of club performance and repair machines and tools and for more than 20 years developed and conducted certified training programs in club building, repair and fitting he now conducts Golf Clinics for Golf Professionals.

Knowing how busy you are with no time to travel, Ed actually visits your facility accompanied with his specially built custom van classroom and mobile club repair cart. The clinics are conducted without any intrusion or interference in your daily operation. It’s just a matter of scheduling your staff.

Get your staff on the right footing this year. Schedule a series of clinics now. Contact Ed Mitchell 517-917-6220,

Golf Clinics for Golf Professionals

  1. ) Understanding What Creates Ideal Ball Flight...
    4 Hours - PowerPoint + Q&A
  2. Ball flight laws, science & art related to swing principles

  3. ) Understanding Putter Performance Data and Fitting Parameters...
    4 Hours - PowerPoint + Demonstration + Q&A
  4. Learn about putter metrics, skid & roll, head & hosel styles

  5. ) The Importance of Measuring & Bending Golf Club Angles...
    4 Hours - PowerPoint + Demonstration + Q&A
  6. Irons, metal woods, hybrids, putters

  7. ) Understanding Shaft Flex with Frequency...
    4 Hours - PowerPoint + Demonstration + Q&A
  8. Measuring shaft frequency to determine flex and comparing flex gradients

  9. ) Measuring Golf Club Specifications & Gripping to Proper Sizing...
    4 Hours - PowerPoint + Demonstration + Q&A
  10. Learn the 10-static club performance numbers, measuring, recording & evaluating club specifications, balancing a club for best feel, plus what you need to know about grip volume to properly sized grips

  11. ) Understanding Performance Data Analysis...
    4 Hours - PowerPoint + Q&A
  12. Using the science of the 10-Static Club Performance Specification Numbers, club & ball pre and post impact launch monitor data of the 5-Ball Flight Laws and the art of the 14-Swing Principles.

Clinics are conducted using self-contained mobile class room for PowerPoint presentations and Mobile Club Repair Cart for demonstrations. Club facilities can also be used for larger groups. One PGA MSR credit per hour of attendance. Attendees receive personalized certificate of attendance