Repair and Alterations for Modern Clubs

Repair and Alterations for Modern Clubs

Add a New Profit Center to Your Operation

Certified Club Repair Technician Training

3-Days Hands-On Training & Demonstration (18 - 21 Hours)

This 3-Day workshop is focused on complete club repair and alterations of today's modern clubs that any golf shop operation can perform with the right knowledge and tools. During these 3-days, you will learn Tour Van techniques for completely building golf clubs from scratch and complete all types of repairs and alterations.

Ed Mitchell, PGA, shares his lifetime experiences as an expert in club building, alternation, and repair. He is recognized as a leader in club performance playing features and how to make alterations to improve ball flight. He has served for over 25-years as the on site golf club technician for the Masters golf tournament working on the clubs of the best players in the world.

His manufacturing company was a trail blazer by operating a Tour Van on the PGA Tour for 10-years before the club manufacturers developed their mega-vans. He has personally worked on the clubs of many major champions during the heat of tournaments in an effort to improve their next round. He will share his secrets.



Club Building -Learn the performance features of the three modern golf club components. Learn each step required to build metal woods, irons, and putters by assembling them from raw components.

Club Repair -Learn to disassemble a club, to replace broken shafts, to save graphite shafts for use in another club. Learn how to save adjustable shaft tips and reuse them with a different shaft.

Loft/lie adjustments -Learn how to properly measure and adjust angles including putters. Learn why golf club angles are important to the performance of each individual golf club as well as their relationship to the complete set.

Re-shafting-Re-shafting irons and metal woods is taught. Learn how to remove broken shafts.

Shaft Anatomy -The anatomy of a golf shaft is explained and how steel and graphite shafts are manufactured. Learn why shaft weight and bend profile are important. Learn to measure the symmetry of golf shafts, what shaft spines are and what oval oscillation and torque means to the performance of a shaft.

Shaft flex -Learn to use frequency to compare like shafts by sorting for consistent flex and to match replacement shafts when re-shafting a broken club. Learn about frequency gradients to compare shaft flex based on letter designations.

Re-gripping -Learn the importance of grip sizing and how grip volume influences grip size and club feel. Learn how to balance a club with proper grip weights.

Swing weight -Learn how making different club alterations will affect swing weight and the swinging balance of the club.


All necessary tools and supplies needed for your club repair shop are recommended. Learn how to use them to alter any club specification and to repair or replace any component.

Design & layout for your repair shop is available.

The goodwill gained by providing a club repair and alteration service is immeasurable. This clinic will make you a certified Repair Technician with a new profit center.