SwingFit Academy

A Unique One of a Kind Academy

Providing Player Improvement Through Swing and Club Performance Analysis & Alterations

  1. ) Individual Golf Instruction for Men, Women, Juniors...
  2. Hourly Lessons with Written Summary

  3. ) Video Swing Analysis...
  4. 1.5 Hours with Written Summary

  5. ) Golf Equipment Analysis...
  6. Complete Inspection of Club Specifications with Written Summary

  7. ) Putting Lesson...
  8. Motion Data plus Putter Specification Written Summary

  9. ) Golf Club Alterations – Limited to SwingFit Clients...
  10. Re-grip, Loft/Lie Adjustments, Re-shafting

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Comprehensive Program for Aspiring Players

Developed for High School and College Players plus Any Individual Wanting to Advance to the Next Level

This comprehensive analysis is available to all golfers who are not experiencing improvement from traditional golf lessons and club fitting.

The following data is collected and analyzed; player development questionnaire, golf equipment performance specifications, launch monitor club and ball data, swing video analysis, playing stats and putter performance data.

What the Golfer Gets

A notebook is prepared with detailed reports from 6 distinct areas of data collection and analysis stating recommendations for swing principle and equipment alterations.

The core of this program is designed to give golfers the same equipment performance evaluation as tour professionals receive. The equipment specification data is compared to ball flight data and then compared to the players’ swing performance data.

Golf equipment is the catalyst for ideal ball flight. By identifying and altering poor performing equipment, each player can focus on swing principle improvements and course strategy with confidence in their shot making.

This program requires 4 hours to gather data during first session. Approximately 1.5-hours for the Club-in-Spec session, 1-hour for the launch monitor/swing video session, half-hour each for the questionnaire and putting sessions. A 1-hour follow-up session is scheduled to review the notebook reports to prepare a plan for improvement.

Golf Instructions and Club Alterations are available from Ed Mitchell

Contact Ed Mitchell 517-917-6220, ed@edmitchelltech.com.

SwingFit Actionable Data Analysis program includes the following reports:

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