Understanding Putter Metrics and Putter Fitting

Understanding Putter Metrics and Putter Fitting

Become a Better Putting Instructor

Certified Half-Day Indoor/Outoor Golf Workshop

Indoors - 2 Hour Presentation + Q & A

Outdoors - 2 Hours Demonstration + Q & A


This workshop explains the importance of putting metrics, i.e., stroke time, tempo, stroke length, stroke speed, stroke rotation and loft/lie deviation.

Learn how putter specifications influence the putting stroke, i.e., grip size & weight, putter length, loft/lie angles, shaft type & weight, the putter's total weight, swing weight and head weight. Learn how to make alterations to improve the putter's performance.

Putting Strokes Are Usually More than 40% of Average Scores for Most Golfers

During the hands-on session you will learn how to measure and record each metric to the SwingFit Putter Performance Analysis form and interpret what each metric means to properly fit putters. Putts will be measured using different putter specifications to compare metric data. Putter fitting is a science when using putting metrics.


An in-depth discussion explaining putting stroke acceleration and why it is important for consistently making putts. Learn what causes skid & roll and what putter and putting stroke alterations to make to minimize it.

Learn to balance putter feel with head weight, shaft weight and grip weight to the putter's length. Learn what back-weighting does to the balance point of the putter and how it changes feel.


Learn different putter head and hosel styles to fit each golfers' unique putting stroke. Learn how proper face alignment and stroke path at impact influences ball roll direction.

Learn how to properly measure and adjust loft and lie angles on all styles of putters. This clinic will make your staff better putting instructors.