What You Need to Know About Your Golf Clubs

What You Need to Know About Your Golf Clubs

Fitting Beyond the Fitting Cart

Certified Half-Day Indoor/Outoor Golf Workshops

Indoors - 2 Hour Presentation + Q & A

Outdoors - 2 Hours Demonstration + Q & A


This workshop explains the 3-components of a golf club and what the performance specifications of each represent to a matched set. Learn the extra fitting steps that tour professionals receive beyond the fitting cart. Steps that you should provide to your golfers. It's not difficult to complete the tour fitting experience.

Are You Able to Create Ideal Ball Flight from Your Golf Clubs? Are Your Golfers?

Golf clubs do not have the same specifications from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, loft, lie, and lengths are not the same throughout all models even within a manufacturer. Therefore, each model performs differently. Learn why these performance specifications are important in fitting clubs to ideal ball flight.


Learn what tools are required and how to use them to measure and record each club's specifications to the Club-in-Spec Golf Club Analysis form. Learn the importance of matching a set of golf clubs for consistent performance.


During the hands-on demonstration, learn what club performance specifications may need altering for improved ball flight. Learn what is required to properly register club heads in a bending machine to accurately measure loft, lie, and face angles. Experience the proper bending technique for accurate and efficient bending. Learn to bend loft angles for gapping iron distances, particularly wedges.

The anatomy of a golf shaft is explained and how steel and graphite shafts are manufactured. Learn about frequency gradients to compare shaft flex based on letter designations. Learn to measure the symmetry of golf shafts, what shaft spines are and what oval oscillation and torque means to the performance of a shaft. Learn the proper way to measure club lengths.

Golf grips are more than material and color. There are many features about grips that need to be understood for fitting your golfers for their best ball striking. This clinic teaches the importance of grip weight, size, and material. Learn to measure grip volume based on the grip core and shaft butt sizes and how to install grips to the desired finished grip size. Also, learn the effects grips have on other club performance specifications.

The knowledge of golf club performance specifications is vital to teaching the game of golf. It is a prerequisite to fitting any golfer to a new set of clubs.